Professional Summary

I am a highly skilled software engineer with expertise in automation and a strong background in programming. I am proficient in Golang and Ruby, and have experience using Puppet and scripting to automate complex processes. I have a passion for using technology to solve problems and streamline workflows, and I am always seeking new challenges to expand my skills and knowledge.

Skills and Qualifications

  • Ruby programming, including experience with Ruby on Rails
  • Golang programming and development
  • Familiarity with Agile software development methodologies.
  • Designing and implementing Web-based APIs
  • Cloud infrastructure design and implementation, including experience with Google Cloud
  • Kubernetes cluster orchestration and management
  • Shell scripting for automation and task management
  • Puppet automation and configuration management
  • Python programming and scripting
  • Redis database administration and management


Applied Associates of Science in Computer Information Technology - March 2011 Southeast Community College - Lincoln, NE

Work Experience


Software Engineer, July 2018 to Present

  • Maintain the backend Cloud Platform for the Flywheel Product line
  • Build and maintain a Ruby API server to connect the customer Rails Application to the Kubernetes/GCP backend.
  • Maintain Ruby on Rails Models, View, Controllers, and Workers related to interaction with the backend platform.
  • Build and maintain Go-based Kubernetes operators used to ensure uptime during Kubernetes platform upgrades
  • Build and extend Go-based CLI program used for provisioning and updating cloud infrastructure in GCP
    • Add feature that shows a list of in-progress node migrations
    • Add features that provision and configure Redis MemoryStore in GCP for new API servers running in Google Kubernetes Engine
  • Maintain build pipeline for Containers running and supporting Wordpress in Kubernetes
  • Research new processes and technologies that could be used to address changing business needs
  • Build Serverless tooling in Go to provide a variety of services and data about the Platform to other applications and teams.
  • Adjust platform design based on changing data and changing business needs
  • Provide escalation support to our Infrastructure Engineering and Customer Support teams when necessary

NTT Security, Inc

DevOps Engineer III, Feburary 2017 to July 2018

  • Develop platform for deploying and managing the OS and features of NTT Security Appliances via RESTful APIs and Automation built on Rails, Puppet, Sinatra, Gitlab, and Choria.
  • Direct software design and development of backend features for new appliance platform using Puppet, Ruby, and Sinatra.
  • Design and implementation of automated CI/CD pipeline for deploying new Puppet modules and feature configuration with Gitlab, Gitlab CI, and AWS.
  • Work closely with other team members to integrate the Rails frontend with the backend automation using RESTful APIs.
  • Work closely with upstream Open Source projects ensure that we had the feature set required by our platform and implemented in a way that anyone could potentially use it.
  • Provide Technical Support for legacy appliance platforms.

NIC, Inc

Systems Engeineer II, September 2015 to Feburary 2017

  • Engineered and Maintained the Puppet Enterprise infrastructure.
  • Utilized VMWare and Puppet to provision and configure systems based on server role.
  • Worked with Development and SRE teams to design and implement Gitlab Enterprise for Code Versioning.
  • Developed a Gitlab Migration tool using Gitlab API and Ruby.
  • Designed and Implemented Puppet Development Workflow.
  • Developed and maintained Puppet code, unit tests, and integration tests.
  • Utilized Continuous Integration and R10K to create a Puppet Deployment pipeline.
  • Presented Workshop and Training sessions on a variety of technologies and tools.
  • Engineered and Supported critical Linux Infrastructure.

Open Source Organizations

Vox Pupuli

Project Management Committee, January 2018 to Present

Contributor, December 2016 to Present

  • Enforce Code of Conduct
  • Review and Accept/Deny new projects and committers
  • Release Planning
  • Organizational planning related to maintenance of the organization
  • General Contributor